We maintain a spotless environment so you can rest easy knowing your shoppers will enjoy a safe and pleasant experience.

A sparkling fresh space to light the way

Immaculate & Welcoming

Not all shopping spaces are created equal. We make your visitors feel at home while they’re roaming your aisles. We keep your space inviting and sparkling, increasing shopper confidence, happiness and loyalty.

Safe Shopping

We work tirelessly to ensure a clean and safe shopping environment for both shoppers and workers alike. Our team proactively monitors the facilities to avoid obstacles and handle spills.

Beautiful Floors

Nothing welcomes shoppers to your store more than shiny, immaculately maintained floors, illuminating the space and goods around it. With well-maintained floors, you can avoid slip-fall incidents, enjoying reduced costs by prolonging the life and appearance of one of your largest investments.

Minimal Disruption

We won’t interfere with the running of your operations. Our highly-trained staff are mindful of your operations and go out of their way to ensure you can operate with minimal disruption.

High Standards

In managing some of the largest retail floor spaces in Canada, we have maintained the highest of standards. Food safety, third-party quality control audits, and enhanced inventory management are critical to any scale of operation, and we take this seriously.

Seasonal Adaptability

Being a proudly Canadian company, we know a thing or two about how your service requirements change with the seasons. Our services proactively adapt to both the weather and shopping seasonality.


More than clean


Floor Care

At Alpine we don’t just clean your floors. We use state-of-the-art technology combined with decades of innovative best-practice experience to leave your floors clean, polished and sparkling.


High Dusting

Air vents, ceilings and pipes can be a challenge. We perform detailed cleaning to get to all those difficult to reach places, removing bacteria, dust and dirt buildup.


Cart Repair

Our signature service includes onsite cleaning and repairs, keeping your carts grime free and rolling along smoothly.


Power Washing

Power washing cleans, protects, and beautifies the surfaces of your facility, removing all that dirt and algae that gathers over time. Our program maintains appearances and restores surfaces to their original condition.


Parking Lot Sweeping

Make a good first impression with our complete outdoor commercial cleaning solutions. Our regularly scheduled sweeping program for your parking areas and streets ensures that your property looks pristine.


Post construction cleanup

Once your construction project or renovation is complete, our trained technicians provide the finishing touch — cleaning from top to bottom, quickly and efficiently.


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